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Ah, the soundtrack for a summer...

...a college town in Southern Indiana -- rolling hills, green carpets of grass and canopies of forest -- swirling, throbbing threads of glowing lavender and crimson adorning the sky -- music of exploration and exhilaration, freedom, joy and vision.  Hey, it even sounds good when you're straight.

Let me lay some of this good stuff on you.  Be careful, though -- don't take them all at once.

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Sgt. Pepper
Electric Ladyland
Dr. Sardonicus
Jethro Tull
Absolutely Free
Pisces, etc.
The definitive psychedelic album and the definitive psychedelic song Four sides from some other universe You have the world at your fingertips... The words 'with whom' in a rock song Psychedelic music without psychedelics Yes, the Monkees were a psychedelic band

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